Alchera Landscape Design

Residential Projects


One of the joys of working on a private garden project is developing a relationship with the clients.  Finding a place for Mum's roses, or making space for the dog - the special touches that make the garden a unique part of a home.


I have worked on a range of residential gardens, including:

-  a sculpture garden in Howick, Auckland;

-  a sub-alpine garden at National Park;

-  a Wellington garden with a 17m drop from top to bottom;

-  a sub-tropical garden in Northcote which needed views of the harbour reinstated;

- a tropical garden in Samoa;

- more recently several residential projects around the Takatu/Omaha area.


These images show just a few things that matter - easy access, sunlight, views, plants of course.  Most important is making sure the garden is what we hoped for, and more.

Clockwise from top right:

Sunny patio creating the 'outdoor room' so much desired;  sub-alpine plants now thriving in snow;  steps providing easy access to the garden studio.


'Alchera' is the Aboriginal spirit who took the world from the Dreamtime to reality - a transition all landscape projects make